What if there was just ONE thing blocking the transformation in your life and stopping the flow you’re wanting to manifest?
If you’re wanting to hear easy, cliche-sounding phrases that sound like all the other buzz phrases on the interwebs, this isn’t for you. Just go ahead and keep scrolling.
This is for YOU if you’re ready for some serious talk and, even more than that….you’re ready for some serious come-to-Jesus-time in your thoughts…..
I recently had this exact conversation in a mentoring group I participated and put myself in the exact place you’re in, if you’re still with me.
I was stunned at all the hidden fears I felt when I let myself really check in and see. You know me….I’m all about keeping blinders on to ONLY focus on things I want to attract and ONLY give energy to what I want more of, right? That’s all true and important….
But what if you hit a brick wall and for some reason, it’s not working for you, now? Like all of a sudden all the tips and instructions on manifesting just STOP COLD.
That’s where my experience may provide insight for you.
I didn’t sit in quiet contemplation for hours with meditation music playing and setting a real atmospheric climate for a Kumbayah session….nope.
I, literally, closed my eyes and took a couple deep breaths and just set the intention of feeling any crazy fears I thought may need to be cleared out if people really knew the real me….that’s it.
What happened next totally shocked me….I guess I have felt very vulnerable and transparent for quite while and have tried to be as real as I”ve known to be….I hadn’t even thought of anything “fear-ish” for so long and being proactive staying away from anything KNOWN to make it surface inside me.
I could hardly keep up with my pen…seriously…I started writing things like:
“I’ll be judged and labelled negatively.”
“I’ll be dismissed and lose credibility.”
“I’ll be categorized and profiled and put in danger.”
“I could be punished or manipulated for holding my views.”
“I could turn potential clients off.”
“I could end up with no audience and no impact.”
I honestly sat with tears streaming down my face…both shocked and in awe of what was buried under there.
It was then that I realized….THAT was my secret shame….THAT was the buried fear I had been piling all the fun enthusiasm on top of and kept, unintentionally, pushing it further from the surface. THAT was a truth about myself that was holding ME back….
That fear was keeping me from fully stepping into my full personality….my full “who I really am” with all the beliefs and opinions and feelings that not everyone understands or agrees with….the me that is too much for a lot of people….the me who laughs too long or too loud or over off-color jokes that aren’t appropriate to share in the company I’m in…the me who was raised with strict beliefs and made new choices for myself given new information.
Now, I’m celebrating Independence day early….the 4th of July is coming up to celebrate the freedom our country will be celebrating….
This is my own celebration…..this is celebrating a freedom I didn’t know I DIDN’T have.
Since this is the deeper part of the manifesting picture….the next level in raising the bar for manifesting the life of your dreams without buried shame or BS-covered fears….
Here is my invitation to you….I challenge each of you that resonate with this message so far….
Ask yourself these questions but only IF you’re ready to transform and get to places in your own life that you’d only dreamed about and dismissed as impossible.
Am I willing to lose who I have become to become who I really am?
Am I willing to hear the messages come through?
Am I ok if everything in my life changes?
Am I willing to repeat all the above steps over and over as time goes on?
If the answers are yes, I invite you to close YOUR eyes and take a couple deep breaths and just set the intention of feeling any crazy fears you may feel that need to be cleared out that’s holding YOU back from living and if people really knew the real YOU….that’s it.
Have your pen and paper handy….
I promise….whatever your fears are behind YOUR story and secrets that you think are hidden….secret beliefs….secret attitudes….secret superiority because of who you think you are…or secret inferiority because of who you think your’s not….secret shame over the comparisons of who you used to be….how you used to thrive when you were on purpose….how much money you used to make back when you were doing what you loved….how you used to act and feel when you were in your 30’s….secret shame when you felt strong and confident and now you feel like washed up, used up shit who has lost direction and passion for living….
Let that buried shame come out….you don’t have to focus on it and you don’t have to be afraid of uncovering it like you’ll attract more of it….it’s just the opposite….if you get it out on paper….own the feelings to yourself….and love that vulnerable, REAL person that you really are….THEN, holy cow!!! Look out….when that huge boulder of resistance and obstacle in your manifestation path is exposed….you’ll be on a whole new level in your life. I promise.
A moral of this story is:
IF you want to impact people and help THEM raise the bar in their lives and thrive JUST LIKE YOU DO….
Share the realness of who YOU are. Share the fears….share how those fears increased the feelings of shame you felt….share it all….don’t be afraid of the share….just do it if it resonates with you.
Do I need to even tell you how freeing and liberating my whole world feels now? I want the same for you and YOUR world because it’s possible and it’s time!
XOXO I love you all!! ~ Kathi