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Our DNA holds our ancestral potency, all our resilience, all our history as a race and as a soul, our galactic wisdom, and our inherent divine Light in it.


The entire ascension process means to upgrade the DNA and re-activate the dormant parts! THIS is the physical part of ascension and it’s not happening on its own It’s the cells ability to communicate with other cells… hold, store, receive and send information that aids the body in detoxing, improving, rejuvenating, and repairing itself.
Redox signalling molecules allow cellular communication. Once these cells can speak to each other freely again, THAT’S when seeming miracles can happen.
This recently-discovered breakthrough technology has enabled scientists to create redox molecules OUTSIDE the body.  They patented the process into a two-ingredient, safe and non-toxic liquid that we can just drink. Now, we can actually restore our molecules in our system and reverse everything.


8-Week Program
Weekly Coaching Calls
Redox Signalling Molecule Order included
PROGRAM FEE: $1555.55 (terms available)