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The Alternative Mental Health Package

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Mental Focus

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Draw a line in the Sand


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What’s This About

Online, Self-Paced  Course


  • Four (4) self-paced modules

  • Online group interaction 

  • Online private Facebook Group

  • Asynchronous discussions (not scheduled)

  • Synchronous Q&A Calls (scheduled)

  • Lifetime access to the ResultsMe Membership Portal

Course Topics:

  • Trending Meditation Myths

  • Traditional Methods Debunked 

  • How to Set Boundaries

  • Truth About Anxiety and Stress

  • Designing YOUR empowered life

Mental Strength Training

You can experience the powerful impact and lasting difference of living free from anxiety, depression, addictions and deep-rooted issues.

Intentional Mental Flexibility

Who you are is a million times more important than what you know, just remember that. This course is a mix of facts and new paradigm shifts. The choice will be yours as to how fast and how permanent your results will manifest in your life.


Intentional Personal Mastery

To change your current life situation, you have to change yourself. Your life is like a mirror that is constantly reflecting your mindset back to you. The Cellular Reboot Program will uplevel your journey with reverse-engineering success you’ll feel right away.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

For the past 10 years, I had been self-medicating with any form of drug I could find. It all worked but took a huge toll on my body, mentally, as well as physically. That’s where Kathi came in, and I am pumped to say that for the first time in many many long torturous years I feel free…free to be able to live, without any form of medication or desire for any drugs at all. Not only has she ended my dependence on drugs, but my overall outlook on life.…I got my life back!


I am so fortunate to be able to have done The Cellular Reboot Process with Kathi. It was worth every penny. I have been in/out of therapy for 20 years. I have had depression and anxiety. I’ve tried talk therapy, EMDR, CBT, and group therapy before hearing about Kathi. I am following her process and for the first time, I feel like I might no longer need talk therapy at all. My anxiety was gone after session one,. I’ve also been setting healthy boundaries and experiencing a LOT of freedom. This has changed our lives all for the better. Kathi, thank you for all you’re doing!!! You’ve helped me help myself and I am very thankful!


I have had such an amazing change with my outlook on life. I have zero anxiety. I am more in tune with my emotions & know how to deal with them appropriately, now, and in an empowering way. I’m embracing the present moment and looking forward to the future. I am so super grateful for having found you and for your great work. Thank you, again… it is super life-changing.

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